Monday, June 13, 2011

Teens: Freedom to Be

In February of this year we had the first Freedom to Be course in our community.  The course, formerly called Loving Yourself and Others, had not been in south Florida in many, many years and never in Pembroke PinesBecause several parents who had already taken the course desired it for their children, we had originally thought that the February Freedom to Be might turn out to be a parent-teen course .  The work on responsibility, blame and self-acceptance are incredible for teens.  It became a beautiful course of five couples and two individuals, with all twelve adults strengthening their relationships.  We now have opportunity to create a parent-teen course in July. 

Teens will gain life-enhancing skills from Freedom to Be at a time in their lives when relationships may be the most confusing.  Research is showing that “soft skills” – meaning social and relationship skills – have a pivotal importance in determining “a high school student’s higher academic achievement and earnings in adult life.”  Researchers further define “soft skills” as “sociability, punctuality, conscientiousness, the ability to get on with people, communication skills, leadership, and creativity.”

Responsibility – and viewing responsibility as a joy rather than a ‘have to’ or burden – is at the core of Freedom to Be.  Coupled with empathy, self-acceptance and understanding the cycle of blame, the core concepts of Freedom to Be deeply enhance relationships.  A teen will gain the skills to understand others who may be different from him, to diffuse conflict, to comfortably learn from mistakes rather than fear them or beat herself up for making them, to understand how he blames others and what to do when others blame him.

Freedom to Be allows you to live life from your true values, and in the course, your teen will become clear on his own values.  By connecting with his deepest intentions to love and be loved, he will experience a new sense of freedom and power to create the relationships he desires.

Imagine your teen having this opportunity to open her heart and create more closeness in all of her relationships including the one with you! 

Freedom to Be is July 15 – 17 at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Pre-School in Pembroke Pines.  Please click here for more information or contact Maggie at 954-483-8021.  Instructors will be Pamela Dunn from St. Louis, Bill McFatter from Tallahassee, and Maggie Macaulay from Miramar.