Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Redirecting Children's Behavior South Florida Teaches Workshop on How to End Power Struggles

Twenty-eight parents who reside at the Community Partnership for the Homeless in Miami attended I Don't Want To and You Can't Make Me: Effectively Handling Power Struggles on April 21st. Taught by Jane and myself as representatives of Redirecting Children's Behavior South Florida, this was the first in a monthly series of parenting workshops that we will be presenting at Community Partnership.

There was a warm feeling of community in the group of parents who participated in the workshop, many contributing to the discussion with suggestions that work for them. One mom puts her children “in charge” of areas in which they do well, such as laundry and cleaning up after meals. By allowing her children to lead, she not only side-stepped power struggles but also gave her children an opportunity to be successful. Another mom gave her son choices about when to do his chores rather than demanding that he do them immediately.

Formed in 1995, Community Partnership for the Homeless is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization with the mission of offering dignity and hope to all so that no persons sleep on the streets of our community. There was a palpable feeling of helpfulness and community at the residence. Whatever this group is doing, keep doing it!

We look forward to our next workshop on Handling Conflict Peacefully on May 19th!

For more on RCB South Florida, please visit www.RCBSouthFlorida.com.

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