Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Parent's Top Ten List


David Letterman is famous for his comical Top Ten List.  Whole Hearted Parenting has put out an annual Parent’s Top Ten List for a number of years, and your 2013 list is here!  I invite you to print it out, place it on your fridge, and pick one suggestion to practice each month.  Over the next few months, we will explore the ten suggestions right here in the WHP blog. 

Why have a top ten list for parents?  Don’t parents have enough to think about and enough challenges to handle?   The answer is yes, parents do have enough to handle!  Because you are so busy, the Parent’s Top Ten List is an easy guide for creating more peace in your family. 

This isn’t about having to practice every suggestion on the list.  It is about choosing one that sounds interesting to you and playing with it.  There is a tendency when seeing any list of suggestions, especially suggestions about parenting, to think that unless you do all of them or at least the great majority of them, that you are not doing enough.  This list is not 10 more things that you have to do in order be a perfect parent.  The Parent’s Top Ten List is about fresh thoughts, new ideas, and inspiration.  If a suggestion resonates with you and your family, choose that one and have fun with it. 

Parenting is not about perfection.  It is a not a test.  It is about your relationship with your children, your children’s journey in the world, and your enjoyment in being a mom or dad.  I hope these ideas make your journey more fun!  

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