Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer - A Special Time for Learning Something New

Henry James said, “Summer afternoon - summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  Summer does bring to mind lazy days, travel, and cool drinks on the porch.  Summer can also be a time to learn.  Having a bucket list of things to learn over the summer can ensure that this fleeting time of year is also a fun adventure.

One summer, my daughter and I decided to take ice skating lessons.  It was not only a lot of fun and a great escape from the south Florida heat but a new physical activity to explore.  I think I had even more fun than she did.  As the only adult who enrolled in the program, two former Disney on Ice Skaters gave me private lessons!  My daughter and I continued ice skating into the school year, and she even had her birthday party at the rink.  Our summer learning was a new adventure, and we created very cool memories.

This summer my daughter wants to learn how to speak Korean so she can understand the K-Pop songs she loves.  We will have her teach us some phrases, and we will visit some Korean restaurants so she can practice.  I want to learn archery, and I’ll teach my family all that I learn.  I look forward to having a large target in our yard and practicing in the cooler part of the afternoon (after locking away the dogs so they don’t become moving targets!).  Bass Outdoor World has archery lessons for only $10.  My husband is taking up beekeeping.  We will learn along with him and enjoy the benefits of honey!
Here are 20 things that you can do together as a family this summer to create incredible memories and come away having learned something new:

You can learn to…

1.   speak a foreign language
2.   make jewelry
3.   write songs
4.   play a musical instrument
5.   ice skate
6.   swim or dive
7.   dance
8.   make ceramics
9.   knit
10.      write poetry
11.      paint
12.      take photographs (handy on your family trips!)
13.      bake desserts
14.      make pasta
15.      scrapbook (handy for documenting your family trips!)
16.      sing
17.      do yoga
18.      make lemonade from scratch
19.      roller blade
20.      snorkel, water ski, or scuba dive

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