Monday, February 2, 2015

Let it Flow Through You

I love the messages and sweet drawings from Sketches in Stillness! This one is particularly meaningful for parents.  All of our emotions are simply energy.  If you notice your emotions - because they are insightful messengers - and allow them to run through you, you may then act based on what you value and on who you are.  This is a terrific lesson to teach your children.  Begin by being accepting of their feelings without judgment.  Often, a parent's knee-jerk reaction to their child's anger is to suppress it or to respond with equal anger in return. Instead, teach your child to identify his feelings, to let the anger flow through him, and then to behave based on what is in his best interest rather than from the big energy of his anger. The best way to teach this is to model it yourself.  That's the bad news and the good news!     

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